15 October 2008

event update: holiday hotness bazaar.

On November 8th, which will be fast approaching as we near our Halloween trick or treating, will be an important day for me and Designs by Steppie! It'll be my first time selling my original paintings and handmade items at a juried show. If you don't recall, my first time setting up shop in front of a live audience didn't happen too long ago (Orange Home Boutique), but now I'm taking all that I've learned and my expanded line of Steppie goods to the heart of Los Angeles! And boy, am I excited!

The Holiday Hotness Bazaar (HHB) is a unique shopping experience, showcasing some of the best and brightest designers from the independent community. HHB will feature a variety of artists, modern crafters and DIY'ers.

Admission will be $2 and free for children 7 and under.

They will also be giving away 100 HHB gift bags to the first 100 patrons!


On another exciting note, My, the brain behind the event has just spotlighted me on her blog and on the Holiday Hotness website!

While I'm adding new exciting things to my line of handmade goodies, I am also preparing myself for a fabulous craft show and am excited to keep you guys updated with the process of it all!

If you are around the area, I would love to see new faces there! I have created a Facebook event group, which you can mark as "attending" to get updates and reminders about the craft bonanza!

If you're a seller - will you be doing any craft shows this season? If so, which ones? And if you're a buyer, will I be seeing you around? I'd love to meet some new faces in person! And you'd be able to touch and feel my products - how exciting!

Hope to see you there!


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Hey Harriet said...

Hey congrats! That all sounds great!