12 December 2008

best present in the mail. EVER.

Something about getting packages in the mail always makes me feel like Christmas morning every single time. You count the days until it arrives, wake up the morning of its delivery feeling anxious and excited, and insist on checking your doorstep every 5 minutes.

Yup... pretty much, Christmas morning.

While getting packages is always a good feeling (even though these packages are usually paid with the money out of my own wallet), this time around Santa was good to me... and I essentially got this one for free!

Yup! It's my "Designs by Steppie" shop banner! 3' x 6' full of goodness & awesomeness! It's just the right size, the colors are just perfect, and its quality is more than I had expected!

Definitely beats any package I've ever gotten in the mail.

Hopefully luck stays on my side tomorrow, and it doesn't rain like the forecast says it will... because this bad boy needs to be in places other than my bedroom: like the Ghettogloss/Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage Show I'll be vending at this entire weekend!

In the meantime, I'll be sure to enjoy its beauty and awesomeness. :)