12 December 2008

recap: handmade brigade!

Last Saturday I took part in Tall Mouse's Handmade Brigade that took place in Cerritos, CA. A fun show with free refreshments, free popcorn (yay!), and even a live DJ playing hip hop throughout the day. Definitely a way to set the tone and keep it lively!

It was a smaller show so I had a tough challenge: fit all my stuff on a 6' table! After getting used to my outdoor set up in Silverlake, it was definitely a battle to figure out how to showcase all my work without everything overflowing the small space I had, but I think I managed!

Squeeeeeeeze! Doesn't look too bad for such a small space, huh?

Without a canopy or coat stand to hang my tote bags, I bought some wooden pegs (meant to be nailed onto a wall), painted them, added a bit 'o gloss, and set them at the edge of my table to display my totes!

There was also a bit of adjusting around my table to make sure my original artwork got showcased as best as possible...

A closer look at some of my new wooden art pieces! Aren't they fun?

A look around the other vendor tables...

And more arts and craft goodness!

The boyfriend! He brought me lunch and kept me company, even though he had finals to study for!

And this is the kind of fun we had on our down time...

You can find artwork in all types of places...
even on chipped nail polish!

Do you see what we see?
A rooster!

What about this one?
A sheep's face!
The boyfriend laughed at me for this one.

But then he discovered the BEST ONE, hands down:
Smiley face!

Free refreshments:

And after a long day of hard work, we packed my car, and called it a day!

Goodbye, Tall Mouse!

Andddd... good night. :)

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Stacey said...

How vain am I?! I tried to find myself in those photos...ha ha :)