05 December 2008

Ghettogloss: Silverlake -- Part Dos!

My second time at Ghettogloss's Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage Show!

This time was even better than the last! The vendors were even more talented and the atmosphere even more exciting! I met some really awesome people... other vendors, aspiring artists, and even a gracious woman who was interested in selling my items in her eco store! And to top it off? It had to be my most successful craft show yet! Here's to hoping it only goes up!


Holding down the fort.

Once everything was set up & in its place!

This was also the first time I decided to add an additional table to my booth set-up. I believe it helped for me... definitely gave that "boutique shop" feel I was going for, and people seemed to enjoy looking at all the artwork displayed on the table!

My new display showcasing (most of) my original artwork!

Looks like babies are poppin' out of bellies everywhere, because I was lucky enough to sell a lot of my original artwork to adorable couples looking to decorate their baby nurseries! What an honor that was! I can't wait to see photos!

Why, hello little whale (and ninja creeping up in the distance)!

There's never "too much" art, unless you run out of space to display them! It's OK though... seemed like people enjoyed flipping through my collection.
My partner-in-crime watching over my check-out station.
Isn't he adorable?

Purple & teal, you never fail me.

Fun art prints!

"Bunny Love" & "Tropical Sunset."

Printed greeting cards!

Lollipop anyone?

Mr. Penguin Holiday Card Packs!
Grab them while you can!

Buttons never get old.

Panda Face Plushies!

Now, a walk around the flea market...

Helping out a customer. (:

Kayyyy! You were truly a lifesaver for me that day:
Waking up super early, helping me set up, and catching up over McDonald's breakfast? Perfect start to a perfect day!

Mabel, Corey, Me, & Kay:
Thanks for stopping by & even making some purchases!


Looks like fun, doesn't it?
You can find me at the Ghettogloss/Silverlake show again on the two weekends before Christmas! Yes, you heard me! On Saturday AND Sunday! So, if you're not quite done with your Christmas shopping, want to find unique presents, or just want to browse & maybe window shop for yourself... I highly recommend for you to come out!

And for all your fellow Etsians around the area, it's completely worthwhile to come out as well. Ghettogloss will be making this flea market a permanent thing starting mid-January. So, maybe I'll see some of you there as well! Even on last Sunday, Etsy was totally representing out there in Silverlake! Lots of vendors from Etsy along with a lot of Etsians looking to purchase and stroll around the flea market. It was a treat to meet all of them. :)

Good times, good people, and good shopping.

Now, back to preparing for my appearance at the Handmade Brigade tomorrow... wish me luck!


5 xoxo's:

Tialey Vintage Clothing said...

Your little "boutique" looks wonderful. Very inviting. :)

The Empty Envelope said...

How fun!!!!

Mel said...

Yay! I'm so glad your shows are going well out there! Your setup looks better and better every time! Love seeing the artwork displayed : )

RestlessAntics said...

YAAAY!! Fun times! I <3 talking to you! Missed you! =) I have the I <3 whale print on my wall and am loving it!

SuJ said...

i feel like i can jus look at these forever. haha