08 December 2008

"keeping the L-word quiet..."

One of my most favorite things to do when I make a sale on Etsy is to take the chance to get to know my customers a little bit better.

With such a disconnect that the Internet can have between two individuals, it's sometimes needed to reach out to get back that connection you would generally have in your everyday life. Thankfully, Etsy allows this and encourages sellers and buyers to be more than just "transactions." Getting to know my customers a little bit better not only helps me understand my target market and why people buy the items that they do, but more importantly, it helps me gain a sense of who they are, and what their story is.

There really is a story behind every purchase, and a recent transaction with an adorable young lady from Boston, an admirer of handmade, told me her story behind her purchase of the Mr. Penguin "I Kind of Like You... A Lot" Greeting Card that was so adorable and heart-warming that I couldn't help but make a post about it (with her permission, of course).

I, of course, sent her a convo thanking her for your purchase, and this is what she said:
Aw--what a delightful little note! You're quite welcome for the purchase--I'd been eyeing the little penguin for weeks now. I don't remember quite how I found your shop, but everything you list is quite adorable. :D
She sounds adorable already, doesn't she?

I then asked her to tell me a little bit more about herself and the story behind her purchase. Luckily, she was more than happy to share:

I've been chatting for two months with a beautiful, wonderful guy in England and while we're both quickly falling head over heels, we're both keeping the L-word quiet until we meet in a couple more months, so I thought a quick reminder that I like him...a lot might be appropriate at Christmas. ;) The cute sweetness of your card is just our sort of playfulness. :D

When I made this card, it was more of a spontaneous thing and was an idea that striked me randomly. I thought it was cute and witty... and hoped it would relate to someone's situation. But I never realized how much simply knowing how my work plays a role in people's lives would make an impact on how I would start to connect with my own work.

Her story really touched me, and it's amazing to know that my silly little card not only encompassed how they currently feel about one another, but will hopefully play a role in their infectious little love story.

Now, if that doesn't keep me creating... I don't know what will!


6 xoxo's:

Lani said...

Oh, my goodness--how incredibly sweet!

The adorable little card and this post are the first artifacts we really have of this growing relationship and I really can't get over how sweet your words are, not to mention the thought to write them.

I'm busy making and wrapping his gift and I've written and sealed his card...I'll be sure to let you know how Mr. Penguin contributes to the next phase just as soon as my Brit lets me. :)

Thank you so much, honey. Really.

Steppie said...

Lani, you are such a cutie. :)

Keep me updated! xoxo.

Estela said...

awww that's such a sweet little story!! And those cards are adorable!

Stacey said...

What a sweet story! I'd love to know reasons behind purchases too. So many great relationships/friendships and whatnot out there just waiting to bring a smile to someone's face :)

Mayhem said...

awww...that is truly adorably sweet♥

Chloe and Boo said...

oh my what a wonderful story... very inspiring. Perhaps I will try to get to know my buyers a little more too.