10 December 2008



{ Photo courtesy of chill10 on Flickr }

I just finished packaging THIRTEEN orders, and boy, am I pooped!

I thought the adorable photo of the sleeping panda bear fit quite perfectly with how I feel right now. So... what's on the agenda tomorrow? Er, today? It's 4:30am, lol.

  1. Post Office. Packaging 13 orders only means shipping out 13 orders! Hopefully I get there when there isn't a huge line, because with the Christmas season upon us, it's been crazy up in there!
  2. Finish Custom Orders. Somehow, these always find a way of piling up - but I'm dedicating all tomorrow to them because I have to!
  3. Blog. Still need to upload and blog about the Handmade Brigade from last Saturday!
  4. Final Prep. Start making my list for final prep for this coming weekend! Yup, it's that time. Two days back to back, two weekends back to back, is all I'll be thinking of as I make my mark on Silverlake for the next two weeks before Christmas is here!
  5. Stop Procrastinating. Oh, man... finish my Christmas gift shopping! LOL.

OK. This little panda needs to hibernate for a couple hours...


P.S. You might think you still have time to shop for Christmas, but if you're thinking of buying gifts off Etsy for your holiday needs, grab the opportunity while you can! FIVE more days to order from my shop in order to get it guaranteed by Christmas! So, for those in the US, get those orders in before December 15th!

3 xoxo's:

The Empty Envelope said...

Aw. I figured you were cute but not THAT cute:). I have two orders to ship today, hooray!

oh hello friend said...

aw, haha.. a few of those things sound like ME!

i definitely need to stop procrastinating. that used to be me with the post office but i just had to get stamps.com, it saves me a ton of time! come over and use it any time ;)

SuJ said...

do you do all those by hand? that's so crazy.

i cant imagine packaging so many boxes haha