27 February 2009

recap: the love bazaar.

It's time to play rewind a little bit...

Before February somehow got so occupied that I forgot how to blog, it was jump-started by a cute, intimate craft show called the Love Bazaar. It was held on the first Saturday of February to not only provide those last minute Valentine goodies for our customers, but to get a chance to spread the word about the MS Walk, as the whole event was to raise money to help the foundation.

While it was the first run for this show, with some time and exposure, I think it could really grow into a great thing. All the vendors there were incredibly talented, and to be simple, were great company as well. And the drkrm gallery was adorable! Can't go wrong with studio spot lighting on my booth!

{ now, on to the photos! }

{ my little nook in the gallery }

{ i spy new messenger bags! what! }

{ ...and all together now. }

{ every little counts }
one of the organizers;
and we traded! i love her tees!

{ stylesmith }
the one who hooked me up with the gig!

{ oh, hello friend }
the day i finally met danni!

{ myfriendroze }
and we meet again :)

{ i spy elsie and her beautiful trees! }

I wasn't very good at playing photographer that day.
There were more awesome vendors but I don't have photos...

But I do have some good news.
No, GREAT news.

We were able to raise a total of $500 for the MS Foundation!
Now, that's a successful event in my book!

3 xoxo's:

The Empty Envelope said...

Congrats!!!! That must feel so good! All the booths look incredible. I love when all the things I like merge in one place for a good cause.

Every Little Counts said...

oh we love you steppie! and, yes.. i think the next one will be bigger and better!


elsiee said...

it was a lovely day - I don't know if I got a chance to tell you but a shop that carries myfriendroze came to see her and asked me to contact her about carrying my jewelry in her store as well - I'll be meeting with her in a couple of week!!

Hey steppie have you visited my new "baby" blog???