01 March 2009

discovered overnight.

So, while I hope to post later tonight about some "renovations" I am in the process of making for the "work space" area in my bedroom, I couldn't help but get something off my chest.

I guess I'll start from the beginning...

About two months ago, I believe I came across a giveaway on oh, hello friend (herro Danni!), when I spotted an absolutely adorable clutch that had to be mine. I don't have much luck with giveaways and the spontaneous shopaholic inside me decided that I wasn't going to play my luck with this one. Like I mentioned before... the clutch had to be mine.

So, with a bit of determination and extra cash in my paypal account, I hopped over to etsy and custom ordered my own madebyhank original ruffle purse. I picked my own colors (which took a bit longer than I would have liked), picked what inner lining I wanted, and even got my name stitched on the front. Within no time, a little package arrived on my door step and before I could rip it open like a madwoman, I had to stop myself and notice the intricate detailing in how it was all put together. This was not an ordinary "online purchase" on my doorstep. Nope, more like a present on Christmas morning. Yup, it was that good.

Inside the intricate packaging was my custom clutch -- and honestly, it's got to be the cutest clutch I've ever owned. The colors are perfect (I'm so obsessed with teal and grey, it's almost an illness), and I handle it like a piece of artwork. Because that's exactly what it is -- a piece of work. I can't even get myself to use it because I don't want to damage it, but it's definitely adding some happiness into my life by sitting on my nightstand and saying "hello" to me every morning.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating... but let's just have the photos tell it all.

I wasn't exaggerating.

Now, madebyhank is featured on the front page of etsy and can be considered etsy royalty. You know, those sellers that all the other sellers know and are envious of, and hope to be as successful as someday? Yup, etsy royalty.

Since being featured, she's sold over 230+ purses and clutches in 2-3 days. That's averaging 75 - 100 per day! While I'm sure this is a load of orders to deal with at the moment and the number of sales may go down with time, it's way more than just sales and raising that number on our "sold" list. As an artist, it's about exposure... it's about getting our name and work known... and about being discovered.

I almost titled this entry "a star overnight,"
but it's more like "discovered overnight."

Because even I knew her work was unique and different when I spotted my eyes on one of her clutches. It was just a matter of time until everyone else did too. And to be completely honest? I'm glad I discovered her pre-etsy feature, because as described on her shop announcement, she can't handle custom orders at the moment, and I was lucky enough to squeeze one in before her etsy fame.

I'm envious.
Who wouldn't be?

But I'm more proud... and greatly inspired and motivated. It gets tough sometimes with all the tough competition on (and off) etsy and with the current economic situation, sales can be slow and discouraging. But when an artist finally gets discovered for her raw talent and uniqueness, that's something for all of us to be happy about.

Because it gives hope that someday, that could be us.


8 xoxo's:

Chelsea Ling said...

ohh awesome, her bags are fabulous! I just wrote her to see if she wanted to be interviewed on paper*cakes finds.

LittlePeanutShop said...

What a wonderful post! I love the clutch she made for you - it's gorgeous! :)

Sharon said...

You're lucky indeed and so is she ~ but then again her work is so good she deserves it!

Linda said...

Freaking cuuuuuute clutch.

elsiee said...

GORgeous!! see what you did?? now I want one...

Mary Ann said...

What a great post. I've been watching her sales too and she is truly doing great. That is a great clutch you picked out. Can't go wrong with teal and gray.

oh, hello friend. said...

lovely lovely steppie!
what a great idea to get your name embroidered on! :)

it is so awesome that a shop like katie's can take off overnight, definitely encouraging and the dream for us small business owners ;)

belinda said...

ooOo! i spotted her pre-etsy overnight fame also! she's definitely an inspiration for bag and pouch sewers like myself! envious, indeed! and your name is stitched on there! so cool! i want one too! :D!