02 March 2009

teaser: faux studio.

It's every artist's dream to have their own studio;

A place all to yourself,
where you can get messy and get your hands dirty.

And for me, half of the excitement is putting it all together,
because there's nothing like creating a space filled with your aesthetic,
and filled with inspiration that will keep your creative juices flowing.

{ doodle/sketch }

We all start out small and make use of what we have:
While in college, my bedroom floor was covered with newspaper and turned into a make-shift painting area (I did a lot of "hopping" to get in and out of my room); moreso, my faux studio spilled out of my bedroom and into the public living areas in the tiny apartment I shared with a handful of friends (thankfully, they were more supportive than annoyed).

When I moved back home after graduation, I struggled with balancing my want for a functional, 'steppified' bedroom suitable for my work and my mother's wishes to keep everything as is. It was a constant battle, but after working on newspaper-covered carpet (once again) to avoid spilling paint on a table far too fancy for my taste, I decided something had to change.

I'm designating a small stretch of space in my room to myself. Here, I can set up a small "work space" or make-shift "studio," while avoiding the chance of ruining any my mom's expensive furniture. Thank goodness for IKEA, Home Goods, and good 'ole thrift stores for providing me with affordable options, while still allowing me to create a space that inspires me and puts me in the mood to work.

I'm not quite done with the space just yet;
But it's a work in progress. Consider this a teaser.

{ redecorating = reorganizing + cleaning }
it's not a pretty sight.

{ the obligatory "before" shot }
and at last, a clean space;
what i have to work with.

{ building is hard work }
twitter provided me with necessary distractions;
it was a work-out... and i was taking breaks in between sets.

{ a place for inspiration }
to keep all the magazines rip-outs/doodles/quotes
that inspire me all organized, i ordered a custom
inspiration board from shabbyvintagemom!

it's absolutely perfect;

the colors, the frame, the wood grain. yum.

{ i was persistent that it had to be magnetic }
clean, simple, and kind of fun.
and vintage magnetic buttons? oh-my-gass!

{ w.i.p. }
i still need to assemble my shelf,
find more vintage frames, and put my finishing touches.

you can't see everything,
but it's more than i should've shared.

because mystery is fun.

and that is all.

4 xoxo's:

Kristen said...

How fun! I'm loving what you've done so far. You make me want to re-organize my work space :)
I'm so glad you're happy with your Inspiration Board♥

belinda said...

weee! redesigning is fun! your doodle is adorable! i'm excited to see what your workspace will look like when its all finished. i wish i could set up a space for myself in my apt, but i'm moving out in a few months.. boo.

and yay for supportive roommates!

and yes! i got the flyers this weekend! i'm going to post some around uci. hehehehe!

The Empty Envelope said...

It looks great so far!! I have a room downstairs, but the light is so bad, I never go down there. But I like how you think.

Estela said...

ooooh I love the inspiration board! Isn't it fun to reorganize!