25 April 2009

uci vendor fair / unique LA prep:

...and this is what my bed looks like right about now.

Good thing I don't sleep anymore.
Just keeeeding.

So, you've seen my photos from last week's UCSD Vendor Fair, and now it's time to prepare yourselves for this coming week's UCI Vendor Fair and Unique Los Angeles! If you feel like spying on me, here is all the information you need:

{ April 27 } through { May 1st };
UC Irvine Vendor Fair

(Go Anteaters!)

You can find us on Ring Road in between
the flagpoles + Langston Library!

We may be heading out a bit earlier on Friday (so visit early on in the week) to make a drive out to LA to prepare for our weekend show in the California Market Center!

{ May 2 } through { May 3 };
Unique Los Angeles

It should be a jam-packed week!
Come out and support if you can!

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